Did you know online shipping is fast and

easy when you log onto My Maersk Line


My Maersk Line...

... is the easiest way to book and manage shipments.

... supports your business

... remembers your frequently used ports, commodities, business partners etc.

... lets you duplicate an existing booking and save time.

... is fast, reliable and user-friendly.

... and is available 24/7


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An easier way to navigate on

our online platform

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how to submit vgm

on my.maerskline.com

My.MaerskLine is our intuitive, flexible self-service platform that reduces your administration costs and makes the processing of shipment information easier than ever.


Save time in research and be better informed through easy to find content that is designed to highlight simple and relevant solutions.


Maximise opportunities through leveraging market insights and expertise online anytime.


Address local challenges that typically lead to higher local costs through a  website with local market insights and examples of local solutions.


Get smarter through a website available 24/7 all over the world.

Consider it. Done.

A simple, intuitive booking tool

Fewer fields, a type-ahead feature and the ability to duplicate bookings.

Proactive ETA

notification via email

Get a notification when there is

a change to cargo arrival time.


Future vessels schedules

Ability to view future point to point and individual vessels schedules.

Visibility into

shipment data

Visibility into shipment data within Maersk Lines system and the ability to make any amendments

as needed.

Visibility of all


Visibility of all shipments and their status during the entire pre-shipment process.

Access to your

contracted rates

Access to view your contracted rates including both current and historic values.


Clear steps for inputting shipping instruction data

including the ability to manage pay terms on a charge level basis.



No matter where you are, with the Maersk Line app you can follow your shipments quickly and simply.


Whether it is finding out just where your goods are, scheduling new shipments or receiving automatic notifications, you’ll find shipping easier than ever before with the new Maersk Line app.


Our app not only helps you manage shipments and track cargo on the move thanks to push notifications and real time shipping information though, it also allows you to share vital information like estimated time of arrival with those who need to know.


Download the Maersk Line app and find out how it can help propel your ambitions.

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